Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reconditioned Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

I. M. Systems Vacuum Sales has come up with a few ways to make your Bissell Power Force Vacuum last longer and perform at it's highest capacity with a few easy steps.

First: See how the vacuum is performing. Is it sucking up the dirt?

Is the roller brush turning?

Is it really loud?

If it's bagless, do you see the dirt turning in the dust cup?

Let's answer some of these qauestions first. If the vacuum seems like it's not sucking up dirt from the carpet there is a couple of things to check. The roller brush may not be turning or the hose going from the base of the vacuum to the dust cup may be pugged up. You need to remove the hose from the dust cup and from the base. There is a screw on the back of the handle that holds the hose on. The other end should just pull out of the base of the vacuum. Two ways of cleaning the hose is by taking another vacuum hose and sucking out any dust or dirt in teh hose. Or take a wire hanger and push the clogged are through the end of the hose. Wash the hose out either by garden hose or by kitchen faucet. Either way this should unplug the clog and allow the dust and dirt flow through the hose to the dust cup or bag. Just make sure you allow the hose to dry completely before you put it back on teh vacuum.

If the roller brush is not turning there could be a couple of things wrong. First the belt is broken. This is an easy repair and your belt should be changed every six months anyway. You'll need to take a screwdriver and pry the locks up on the bottom plate to expose the roller brush and belt. A new belt goes around the shaft of the motor and the other goes around the roller brush. If the belt is old it may just be stretched out to much causing the roller brush not to turn.

Second: There maybe to much carpet string or hair around the roller brush causing it not to turn. Take a razor knife and cut the hair or strings off of the brush. At this point I like to put a little WD 40 on each end of the roller brush to keep the barrings lubbed up and turning.

Third: The barings oin the brush maybe locked up. If this is the case you can get replacement barings for the roller or if you have had the vacuum for awhile you may want to just replace the entire brush. Usually if the barings lock up the belt will burn off at the shaft due to the brush not able to turn. You can get a replacement belt from troysvacuums.com.

Fourth: if the roller brush turns freely and the belt is ok, check to see if the shaft of the motor turns. If it does not then there are several possibilities but the end result is the motor is probably bad. In this case you will need to take the vacuum to a professional and have them change the motor or at least give a second opinion. In this case the vacuum will be very loud and have a strong vibration in the handle.

If you do get a strong vibration and the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner is very loud the other possibility is it could have a cracked housing around the fan or a broken fan. In this case get a second opinion and have a professional change the fan.

Now if your vacuum checks out, lets clean!

I like to start from the bottom and go up. Unplug the vacuum and rmove the roller brush. Take a razor knife and remove the carpet strings and hair from around the brush. Look at the length of the bristles to make sure they are beating the carpet. troysvacuums.com suggest using all purpose cleaner 409 to clean the roller brush expecially the ends where the barrings are.

While you got the roller brush off, go ahead and change the belt. Clean all parts around the motor Use the all purpose cleaner and to make it shiny we use Armoral. On the top plate you may notice some paint scratches. To remove these take some 409 and Comet. Spray the 409 on a rag and pour some Comet on top of that. Just rub the Comet and 409 over the scratches and you'll see the paint come right off. After, use some Armor all to shine the spots back up.

If the vacuum is baggless take the dust cup off and wash it out. Just make sure you let it dry completely before placing it back on the vacuum.

Clean around the vacuum where the dust cup goes and remove all dust and dirt. This process is for two reasons. After you cleaned thsi area and you use the vacuum again you can see if teh dust cup han any leaks around the seals.

Just clean the parts of the vacuum with Armorall and you will be amazed at how well it looks and how much better it performs.

Always remember safety when looking over the vacuum. Unplug the vacuum from the outlet and if unsure of what to do consult troysvacuums.com

Happy Cleaning from I. M. Systems Vacuum Sales